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Pattern Making

NIBF trade’s people are highly skilled at creating detailed and accurate patterns in their fully equipped pattern shop. The materials used in the precision patterns include aluminium, timber and wear resistant polymer resins. The extensive experience and qualifications of the NIBF team ensure they are able to provide quality solutions for their customers’ requirements.



Across three production lines, NIBF offers quality castings in hard sand and green sand moulding techniques, providing flexibility in economical manufacturing volume. NIBF’s primary moulding facility is a hard sand semi-automated production allowing a high hourly mould production rate at the lowest cost.



NIBF cast from a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including: 

• Flake Graphite Irons
• Ductile Irons
• Austempered Ductile Irons
• Abrasion Resistant White Irons
• Corrosive Resistant Irons
• Bronze and Aluminium
• Grades of Cast Steel

Equipped with three efficient Induction furnaces providing a total throughput of over 20 tonnes per day, NIBF has capacity to satisfy your needs.



The diverse range of secondary processing equipment in NIBF’s machine shop includes the latest CNC machining technology supported by experienced trade’s people. NIBF is dedicated to providing customers with precision and quality.

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Surface Coatings and Heat Treatment

NIBF operates both wet-spray paint and fully automated powder coating production lines. The PLC-controlled heat treatment ovens allow a full range of thermal treatments including annealing, hardening and normalising.

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